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Texan author Renee’ Servello is a wonderful and versatile writer with a wide selection of books under her name, like Freckles Finds A Forever Home, Humor All The Way and more.

Renee’ Servello is a Texan author who has had so much fun and laughter in her life that she couldn’t help but want to share her wondrously humorous adventures with those who wish to read about them and the much, much wider world out there. There’s an abundance, almost an exhaustible supply, really, of humor and fun that finds its way into her daily life with a large family and great friends, and she is so glad to share her wonderful books with the rest of the world.

Who knows? You might be touched by one of her wonderful books!

Books from Renee’ Servello’s Library

Freckles Finds A Forever Home is a lovely little story about a tiny rabbit who’s in search of a true family and a genuine home. The Bunny Farm has been rather stuffy lately, and she wants to leave and discover her own way to a forever home. 

Meanwhile, the Servellos feel that there’s something missing in their happy family, and they think a rabbit, a real and fluffy one, will fill that empty space. 

So, when the daughter of the Servellos, Kelli, finds a lovable and charming rabbit in the middle of visiting the Bunny Farm, she immediately takes a liking to the sweet bunny—it was definitely love at first sight! The bunny, who was named Freckles after getting adopted by the Servellos, had patches of brown scattered across her soft fur that looked like freckles, hence her name. 

Freckles Finds A Forever Home is more than a story about a little girl, a rabbit, and her family. It is a story about finding a place where you can be yourself and feel like the world outside will just pass by. For a lot of people, home is more than just a place; it is somewhere a person can be loved, nurtured, and have a sense of belongingness. It is a space wherein an individual is allowed to grow, discover themselves and explore ideas without fear of outside interference.

Everyone wants a home, and Freckles Finds A Forever Home is a beautiful story of that search. 

Humor All The Way is a laugh-out-loud compilation of Renee’ Servello’s witty and clever observations of the human condition and the broader world. If you want some fun in your life, Renee’ Servello is definitely your source. Humor All The Way is an amusing anthology of anecdotes and quotes that covers a wide breadth of everyday things; it makes incisive and comical comments on the chaos of writing grocery lists, the adventure of losing teeth, and everything that could possibly fit in between. 

As a writer, Renee’ is always looking for the silver lining in everything. Almost every situation can be spun and have something hilarious taken out of it, provided you look at it from another angle. With her droll and hilarious writing, Renee’ is sure she can make you laugh with her. Precise and insightful, her observations of the world around her never miss their mark and always hit at the heart of it. 

In Humor All The Way, Renee’ invites readers to relax, have their bodies melt under the sun, and enjoy whatever comes their way, laughing throughout the whole ordeal. HUMOR IS THE RX FOR LIFE, and Renee’ has a whole pharmacy of it. She’s even willing to write you down a prescription! 

Happiness is the foundation of laughter, and there’s nothing better to overdose yourself on. We all have an expiration tag, and you wouldn’t want to wait for it just sitting on the shelf!

Humor is a potent medicine and provides a lot of health benefits to everyone. It is the mind’s defense against the absurdities of the world. For people who are at risk of depression and similar mental illnesses, injecting some humor into their life can go a long way away from helping them develop a more sustainable and robust perception of themselves—which greatly helps in staving off the more destructive and damaging effects of mental illness. 

Negative stimuli are the impetus for mental episodes, but that is only a matter of perception. Humor All The Way helps change people’s outlook for the better.

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