Our bodies go through a lot of changes as we age. These changes include internal and external changes that our bodies reflect. Despite these natural alterations, we can’t seem to switch the TV channel without seeing at least one commercial highlighting how to achieve a younger look.

Let’s face it; many seniors struggle with coming to terms with physical changes. From silver hairs to knee buckling, we can’t blame some of them for dreading the bodily inconveniences brought by old age. Indeed, the quest to age beautifully is not smooth-sailing, and aging with grace does not mean getting rid of your fine lines. It’s all about living your best life and enjoying the wisdom you have gained with some splash of humor!

 If you blow more birthday candles, embrace the beauty of being a senior because you’ll get more than fluid. You and I can undoubtedly age like a fine bottle of wine, and we can start by acknowledging the changes our bodies will experience and knowing what to do with them.

Below are the most common physical changes that come with aging.


There is a good reason why older adults must take physical exercise as much as possible. Not doing so can lead to serious health concerns that could inconvenience them or put their lives in danger.

One of the most common medical conditions experienced by elderlies is edema which is characterized by swelling or puffiness in the arms and legs. You may distinguish edema from typical puffiness when you see a dimple pit after pressing the swollen area for a few seconds. Dimple pits refer to skin that retains a dimple.

Edema is non-threatening but could be a symptom of an underlying health problem. It occurs when your capillaries leak fluid. This fluid spreads in its surrounding tissue, hence the swelling. Getting enough exercise, rest, and proper food can help prevent edema or diseases. Remember, dimples are cute only when it’s on your cheeks, not when you have them on your feet.


Wrinkles must be the most common age-related skin changes. Many seniors, particularly women, dread having wrinkles on their faces. When we grow old, the number of collagen fibers in our skin decreases, causing wrinkles. The fatty layer under our skin gives it form and structure. Our skin begins to sag as it thins out during our senior years. Does this mean being fat while being old is better? Not necessarily!

While wrinkles are regular, lifestyle habits such as smoking can cause premature aging. Hence, ditch the cigarette if you want to hold on to that youthful glow a little longer.

Age Spots

Do you notice brown, red, or pink spots on your skin? Well, you’re not alone. What you have are age spots. Also called hyperpigmentation, these spots, usually darker than your regular skin tone, are due to a substance called melanin.

Apart from aging, other causes of age spots include hormonal changes, lack of vitamins, and sun damage. If you’re not fond of the extra colors in your skin, especially when it’s on your face, you can face your age spots with some recommended treatment.

Back Pain

Aging is wacky and fun until you experience back pain. There’s nothing comical about back pain, whether severe or moderate, especially when you can’t pick something from the floor without yelping. Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and some ways could help relieve your back pain episodes.

Although back pain is more common in seniors, it can develop at any age. It can also occur without any accompanying symptoms. You can prevent back pain mainly by improving your physical condition through proper exercises. Remember, a bad back is better than a bad joke when all else fails!

Aging is Fun

Our old age’s physical changes should not hinder us from aging gracefully. It includes embracing changes with an optimistic sense of purpose. The happiest person is not necessarily the one with the least number of aging problems. While specific issues come along with age, that does not mean there’s nothing fun about aging. Wisdom and laughter come with age. Share and discover some fun with Renee Servello’s “Humor All The Way.” The book has timeless jokes and comical anecdotes perfect for all ages.

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