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There are some considerations when adopting a rabbit that every would-be pet owner needs to know about to provide their bunnies the best life they can offer.

Renee’ Servello, the author of a children’s book about adoption titled “Freckles Finds a Forever Home,” knows how beautiful and adorable rabbits can be. But she also knows that the needs bunnies have can be pretty complex. In her book, readers are introduced to the Servello family and how they found Freckles and instantly treated her as a family.

If you read the book and wish to adopt a rabbit as a pet, you need to note these considerations.

1. Rabbits Need a Well-Balanced Diet

Rabbits require a well-balanced diet in their meals. Aside from the usual rabbit pellets you can buy at any pet store, bunnies also need grass hay. Examples include brome or timothy; these hays help keep their intestinal tracts healthy.

Also, rabbits require unlimited access to their hay every single time. Bunnies also need some leafy greens in their food, things like turnip greens, carrot tops, and dark leaf lettuce.

2. Bunnies Need Brushing for Their Fur

Bunnies require routine brushing so that their coats can be free from mats and clean. Utilize a soft bristle brush on their furs and brush their whole coat. Also, it’s best to avoid their belly and face when you’re brushing them.

Another essential thing to remember is that bunnies could occasionally pluck their furs, and it could end up bad. Be sure to remove that plucked hair as quickly as possible, so the rabbit won’t be able to eat it.

3. Rabbits Require Tender, Love, Care, and Gentle Handling

It can easily be said that rabbits need gentle handling because they frighten easily. They could scratch, kick, and bite when a rabbit isn’t handled properly due to fear. People who plan to pick up bunnies must know they require full support on their hindquarters and front legs.

Without proper support, they can gravely injure their spine without meaning to. Also, don’t ever pick up rabbits by their ears. It causes them a great deal of pain and is very cruel.

This is one of the considerations when adopting a rabbit that people need to know. Renee’ Servello’s children’s book about adoption talks about how to care for rabbits and offers some things to know before adopting a bunny.

4. Make Sure to Give Your Bunnies Routine Veterinary Care

Like any other animal, bunnies require regular health exams from veterinarians, especially those specializing in small mammals. Ensure that you’re familiar with the typical health conditions involving rabbits. By being aware of them, you can easily see the warning signs that need emergency and immediate veterinary care (i.e., anorexia or diarrhea).

5. Not Every Rabbit Will Get Along

Now, before you go ahead and get a second rabbit, both bunnies need to meet each other on neutral ground to guarantee they can get along. If you want to further reduce aggressive mating and behavior, bunnies living in a large cage or spending time in the same exercise pen must be spayed/neutered.

6. These Animals Are Known to be Indoor Companions

Anyone can easily see that bunnies are highly vulnerable and can easily be eaten by predators. They’re also too social for them to be isolated outdoors. Since bunnies must be kept indoors, remember that they are easily startled and scared by the slightest ruckus.

Fur parents must keep them from noisy places and put them in a calm, comfortable, and safe environment.

7. Expect a Lot of Chewed Items (Or Sofas) with Rabbits

Bunnies can’t comprehend which things they should chew. They just go ahead and chew it. If you plan on getting a rabbit, you must make the areas where your rabbit stays rabbit-proof. This means you put away things that could harm them, such as furniture, electrical cords, or books.

Provide your rabbit with a safe item to chew on, like rabbit-safe chew sticks, cardboard boxes, or chewing toys.

Give the Best Life for Your Pet With These Considerations When Adopting a Rabbit

Bunnies offer great company and can be great animal companions too. Giving them access to many exercises, a healthy diet, mental stimulation, fresh water, and a clean cage, rabbits can become loving companions!

If you ever need a tale about a rabbit, Renee’ Servello’s children’s book about adoption for Freckles is a great book to read. Get a copy of the book by clicking here, and check out some of our other blog posts too. We hope you found this article helpful, and always keep these considerations in mind!

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