There is a plethora of misconceptions linked to aging. The ancient Greeks associated aging with pessimism and considered it a form of illness. Today, some much younger people relate the concept of aging to slowing down in life and having medical issues. Although it isn’t always the case, we cannot deny that our bodies experience specific inevitable physical changes. These changes include sagging skin, muscle atrophy, and bone loss. Considering these natural altercations, is there a silver lining for those joining the cane brigade?

Many don’t realize the changes as one ages until they welcome their senior years. Some get terrorized by the idea, while others embrace aging warmly. Several surveys would support that most old-generation folks adhere to the notion that age is just a number. The world has witnessed older ladies and gentlemen pursuing and sharing their dreams. Many of these folks discover the beauty of the golden years and the hilarious moments that come with age. Renee Servello’s book, “You’re Kidding… I’m a SENIOR?” amusingly reflects some of these entertaining experiences.

Below is a list of things people would jokingly attach to an older person.

Matching Outfits

What comes to mind when you see old couples in matching color-coordinated outfits? Your head must be filled with “awwws” and “omg” to express your delight for them, which is similar to what you’d say when you see babies in cute outfits. Besides, who would wear identical outfits when they’re together with their special someone? Not the younger generation.

Older adults are already full-grown and multifaceted makes it comical for people to ogle and make comments about them that would otherwise only be used to praise babies. 

Early Dinner

Do you have dinner as early as 4 pm? Don’t be surprised. That is a norm for the older gen. While this might seem too bizarre or funny for young people, there is a good reason why it is a great dining time for the aged group.

Medically, it is a good practice for the old. As one gets older, the digestive system slows down. It happens due to [CSB1] the weakening of the digestive tract’s ability to break down foods. New cells also do not develop fast in an older person’s body, making the digestion process slow or damaged. The next time you see your grandparents dine early, hold your laughter and leave the older gen to enjoy their dinner.

Binging on Bingo

Bingo is familiar for any age group, yet older people more commonly enjoy it. If you love bingo, that doesn’t mean you’re old. You’re just exercising your brain in a relaxing mood. It may sound like a stereotypical activity, but more than that, bingo is beneficial. It gives older adults the chance to socialize and increases their mental alertness.

Candy Crave

You might wonder why older people’s bags are filled with candies. It’s not that they want to replicate Santa all year round or try to relive Halloween. It may or may not be their sweet cravings, but what’s certain is that older adults’ sense of taste changes. Generally, seniors have drier mouths due to aging, illness, or medication. It is especially true for those who aren’t getting enough carbohydrates. They would balance their dietary needs by consuming a controlled amount of sugar.

Old, Happy, & Hilarious

As we age, changes will generally occur in our bodies. You might be surprised to find a new area on your body that aches as you bend or walk. You might lose more hair than you used to. Memory gaps might be on trend, but what’s important is to grow old happier, and more hilarious than ever.

The things older adults do might be humorous for the young, but then what’s life without some humor? The world is fun, and if you think only older adults’ experiences are hilarious, are you kidding? Discover some of the more laughs in Renee Servello’s “You’re Kidding… I’m a SENIOR?” The book will allow you to explore your growing-up period with tons of laughs and fun.

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